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About Our Guild

The Hinsdale Embroiderers’ Guild is a group of needlework enthusiasts who meet monthly.  The Guild invites recognized artisans to lecture and teach at Guild meetings. Our membership is comprised of individuals interested in the enhancement of needlework completed “through the eye of a needle”.  Most of our membership is drawn from the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

History of the Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild

The Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild began in 1960 when four women hired a teacher to meet with them weekly to teach them crewel embroidery. These lessons continued for two years as interest continued and membership grew. In the Fall of 1963, the Hinsdale Needlecrafters was formed. By the following May, the membership had increased to 50 members and the group joined the London Embroiderer’s Guild of England and changed its name to the Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild.

The goal of this Guild was, and still is, to promote awareness of the Textile Fiber Arts and to enhance the skills of its members. It invites recognized artisans to lecture and teach at Guild meetings which are held on a monthly basis.  Although originally, membership required submission of a “juried” piece, the requirements are now relaxed and include all persons interested in the enhancement of needle work done “through the eye of a needle”. That has even been relaxed more as knitters, crocheters, and beaders joined the group.

Members of our Guild include National teachers in areas of needlepoint, couture, quilting, embroidery, and sampler reproductions. Libby Sturdy, teacher and designer of the Mansion needlepoint, has received many awards including for a Christmas ornament for the White House Christmas tree.

Member, Nora Lou Kampe, participated in a project at the University of Illinois in 1986 to embroider chair covers for the renovated President’s residence. Anne Zick has participated in many juried competitions and recently was the featured quilter in a show in Sisters, Oregon. This is just to name a few of the accomplishments of our members.

In 2019, the Guild completed and presented a quilt and needlepoint canvas to the Illinois Governors' Mansion.  They are proudly displayed in the entryway and children's bedroom of the restored mansion.

Our Guild continues to meet on a monthly basis to learn new skills or improve existing ones through lectures and workshops. An informal “stitching” get together is also held on the first Monday morning of each month to share ideas and enjoy the fellowship of fellow stitchers.

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