A Bit About Us

The Hinsdale Embroiderers’ Guild was founded in 1960 when four women hired a teacher to meet with them weekly to teach them crewel embroidery. Since that time, the Guild has fostered its goal to promote awareness of the Textile Fiber Arts and to enhance the skills of its members. It invites recognized artisans to lecture and teach at Guild meetings which are held monthly. Our membership is comprised of individuals interested in the enhancement of needlework completed “through the eye of a needle”.  Most of our membership is drawn from the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.


History of
Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild

This is where we can detail more information about the history of the Guild.  Things like where we have met in the past. How many members we have had over the years.  Talk about the breadth of the programs we have offered.  And any special projects that we have undertaken over the years.


Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild

PO Box 165, Hinsdale, IL 60522

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