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About Our Guild: Our Organization

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The Board is comprised of the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee Chairs and the immediate past President.

Kennette Bledsoe

Marilyn Montgomery
First Year Contract Chair

Mary Gemkow

Ann Fish

Mindy McMahon
Second Year Program Chair

Coleen Walter

Officer Responsibilities

The President presides at all meetings of the Guild, Board and Executive Committee.  The President is a member of all committees and appoints chairs of standing committees in addition to appointing officers with the approval of the Executive Committee.


The Vice President serves a two year term.  During the first year, the Vice-President assists the President as requested.  During the second year, the Vice-President serves as President.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President becomes President for the remainder of the term.

Second Year Program Chair(s)

The Second Year Program Chair is responsible for programs for the current year.

First Year Contract Chair(s)

The First Year Contract Chair assists the Second Year Program Chair with duties pertaining to programs and prepares for a term as Second Year Program Chair.


The Secretary keeps minutes for all Board, Executive Committee and Membership Business Meetings. Copies of the minutes are submitted to the President.  The Secretary also handles any correspondence as requested by the President.


The Treasurer is responsible for all monetary funds of the Guild.  This includes responsibility for all receipts and disbursements, preparation of an annual budget, keeping bank signature cards up to date and issuing any government filings that are required.  The treasurer also prepares and presents to members at the September business meeting an annual financial report which details budgeted receipts and disbursement to the actuals of the same.


This committee chair is responsible for all press releases and compiles, edits and distributes the Guild newsletter, The Chatelaine.  Additionally, this chair oversees the Guild website, the Group Facebook Page and all other online media as needed.

The Hospitality chair is responsible for all refreshments at meetings.

The Membership chair collects annual dues, prepares and maintains current membership information and publishes the Membership Directory.  In addition, the chair prepares and distributes the annual listing of meetings and alternate activities to all Guild members.

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