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Our Bylaws

The Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild Bylaws were initially created when the Guild was first incorporated in the state of Illinois on September 22, 1992.  They have been updated as needed and are approved by a vote of the Guild membership.  The latest such update was made in February of 2022. 

They are accompanied by a set of policies that have become common practice for the Guild.  The policies are approved by the Board of the Guild and members are asked to abide by them.

Click on the link below to read the current Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild Bylaws and Policies.

Our Bylaws: Text

Treasury Forms

The Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild Treasurer has created two forms to accompany requests to submit funds collected or reimbursement for funds paid on behalf of the Guild.

Any funds collected by a member should submit the Treasury Income Form along with the check(s) and/or cash.

For payments made on behalf of the Guild, members should submit the Treasury Reimbursement Form along with the receipt.

Our Bylaws: Text
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