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2023-2024 Workshops

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September 18, 2023

Master Embroidery Academy

Getting Started & Stitch Sets 1-4

   with Anne Zick

Anne Zick will give an overview of the Master Embroidery Academy to get us started on our year long Piecemakers Stitches Galore Beyond the Basics embroidery program. More information about the program can be found in these two videos created by the Piecemakers team:

Stitch Set 1 - Buttonhole Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 2 - Chain Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 3 - Herringbone Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 4 - Zigzag Detached Chain Stitch Combinations

October 16, 2023

Stitching the Eliza Anne Marlett Sampler

   with Nancy Johnson & Libby Sturdy

Following the presentation, Libby Sturdy and Nancy Johnson will guide us to stitch our own reproductions of this wonderful, historical piece of needlework. The reproduction pattern has been created by Nancy Sturgeon. The finished piece is 8”H x 13”L and includes cross stitch as well as multiple other embroidery stitches.

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November 20, 2023

Needlepoint/Cross Stitch Ornament Design

   with Teri Sanfilippo

Teri Sanfilippo will present a workshop on a needlepoint / cross stitch ornament. Members will select whichever one of the 12 days of Christmas that they chose to stitch or finish any ornament of their choice. Teri will lead another workshop in February to finish this completed ornament as a flat-fold.

January 15, 2024

Master Embroidery Academy

Stitch Sets 5-7

   with Anne Zick

Continuing our Master Embroidery Academy,  Anne will demonstrate stitch sets 5 through 7.

Stitch Set 5 - Cretan Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 6 - Feather Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 7 - More Cretan Stitch Combinations

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February 19, 2024

Finishing a Flat-fold Ornament

   with Teri Sanfilippo

During this workshop Teri will present techniques on finishing a flat- fold ornament, so members can finish the 12 days of Christmas design that they chose in November and stitched.

February 19, 2024

Master Embroidery Academy

Stitch Sets 8-9

   with Anne Zick

During this workshop, we will continue the Master Embroidery Academy with Anne demonstrating stitch sets 8 -10 of our year long Piecemakers Stitches Galore Beyond the Basics embroidery program.

Stitch Set 8 - Bugs, Bees and Butterflies

Stitch Set 9 - Chevron Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set  - Ribbed Stitch & More

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March 18, 2024

Mock Molas

   with Alice Ridge

The presentation will be followed by our workshop with Alice sharing her expertise and technique for making molas.

Molas are handmade using a reverse appliqué technique. Several layers of fabric are sewn together; the design is then formed by cutting away parts of each layer.

Participants will have a choice of mola patterns to stitch.

April 15, 2024

Master Embroidery Academy

Stitch Sets 11 & 12 and

Finishing Up the Stitch Book

   with Anne Zick

Completing our Master Embroidery Academy, Anne will demonstrate our year long Piecemakers Stitches Galore Beyond the Basics embroidery program. This month, Anne will demonstrate stitch sets 11 & 12 as well as details on finishing the book.

Stitch Set 11 - Cross Stitch Combinations

Stitch Set 12 - Holbein Stitch Combinations

MEA 1.jpg
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